Monday, November 03, 2003

Three Barrys

This weekend, I watched three movies with characters named "Barry":

The Brothers McMullen: Possibly the worst acting I've seen in a movie, but surprisingly, I still loved it. Nice Irish Catholic family wrestles with guilt over love and sex. Right up my alley. Ed Burns plays middle brother Barry who thinks he can't fall in love.

Punch Drunk Love: Adam Sandler plays Barry Egan. Weird, but in a good way.

High Fidelity: I've seen it a million times and own it on VHS. I think this is the first movie I saw with Jack Black, who plays Barry, the loud mouth, music snob, record store sales clerk. Todd Louiso is great in this movie too. It was hard to get his character out of my head when watching Love Liza, which was Louiso's big directorial debut.


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