Monday, November 03, 2003

Halloween update

I'm not a big halloween person. The pressure of a costume is too much for me to tolerate. Last year, I didn't go out for Halloween because I was working, but I did have a costume ready to go. My colleague, her boyfriend and I were going to go as the "got milk?" billboard, which I said I would do only if I got to be the "?" When asked why I was so adamant about being the question mark, I replied, "because inevitably I will get separated from you, but as long as I have a beer in my hand, when asked what my costume is, I can reply 'A loaded question.'"

This year, with less than an hour to prepare, I busted out my overalls, converse sneakers, and threw on my blogger t-shirt. Kathleen did my hair up in pigtails and added a few freckles on my cheek. I was the Farmer and the Dell. A bit of a stretch, I realize.

I think my favorite costume of the evening was Mat's - he went as the iPod ad.


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