Wednesday, October 22, 2003

What a whiny whiner

Finally heard the NPR interview with Bill O'Reilly that's been causing so many waves, basically because Terry Jones asked a bunch of tough questions and Bill O'Reilly lost his cool and hung up on her. The interview set off a slew of discussion and commentary.

Personally, I love every second of it. He comes across so unbelievably arrogant, yet his insecurity is so obvious from the get-go. Sure, he may have a point that she went easy on Franken (I don't know; I didn't listen to that interview, but Jones conceded the point), but who cares? Is O'Reilly really the best person to be going around talking about the journalistic imperative of impartiality? At least NPR was willing to even have O'Reilly on the show and give him the opportunity to discount Franken's claims. I'm just glad he blew it and made a total jerk out of himself.

O'Reilly's was also highly critical of people who reviewed him as a personality and not the book. It's a fair point, but a question for Mr. O'Reilly - does he actually think his book would be #1 if Franken, a well-liked, popular comedian hadn't ripped him to shreds in the months before it was released?


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