Friday, October 17, 2003

starry morning to tired night

I had to be at work at 7:00 am this morning, which meant catching a 6:30 am train. Do you know what I discovered? It's completely dark at that hour. I'm not talking "pre-dawn, not quite light out yet" phase. I mean, total "it-could-be-3:00-am-the-stars-and-moon-guiding-my-way" phase. Jane goes to work at that hour every morning. On the one hand, it makes me feel guilty complaining; but on the other, the jarring effect this morning's early hour had wasn't so much the result of the hour itself, but rather it's dramatic departure from my normal 9 am arrival time.

Long day ensued... met with an interesting company about interesting software. Sometimes I can't believe I write the phrase "interesting software" and actually mean it.

By 5:00 pm, my boss and I were completely punchy. We played a funny joke on the founder/president of my company and one of the VPs. I just hope they find it funny.

This evening, I finally met the esteemed journalist responsible for so many good things at one of my favorite magazines, including the appearance of a book review authored by yours truly. While we've known each other via email for the past few months (she lives in New York), last night I had the pleasure of meeting her in person (she is a good friend of Kathleen's and decided to come out for a visit to our fair city).
The three of us went out for sangria (white and red) at Andalu, one of SF's best, and then headed over to Solstice for drinks, where DJ Big Picture Fixa mixes up wonderful tunes.

Key take-aways (since I am in PR after all, and it's in my nature, or at least training, to recap):
1) Unless you're used to it, try to avoid waking up at ungodly hours of the morning at all costs
2) Never understimate your ability to adapt to new likes, pastimes, hobbies, etc. Even software can become interesting.
3) If you play a joke, make sure it's funny. Mine is still up for debate. Willl post details sooon.
4) Eat at Andalu.
5) go support dj big picture fixer at Solstice.

so tired. must sleep.


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