Thursday, October 16, 2003

so sad. boo hoo.

some people ask me why I blog. Yesterday, it was to capture the extreme happiness and overflowing joy I felt....even before a Red Sox victory was assured. Tonight, it's because regardless of what I write I will never, ever, ever experience disappointment like this over a sporting event for as long as I shall live. I have played in several high intensity games - league championships, state titles, etc. I always made fun of the people who cried when they lost. I finally sympathize. I didn't cry - mostly because I fancy myself a bad ass - but let me tell you, i sure as hell wanted to when I saw the homerun sail over the wall.

here's to next year.

for the record, I will not watch a single game of the world series. If the Cubbies had won and the Sox had lost, I would have cheered, somewhat morosely, but still - an occasional "woo hoo" would have been warranted. Now, much to the delight of all my friends who hate sports, I will not bring it up again. (yes, I'm super bitter, but I'll get over it).

I think Jane's cats sense the tension. They're running through the house like a bunch of maniacs.


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