Friday, October 10, 2003


I am in an *exceptionally* good mood this morning, which is odd considering the circumstances of last night:

1) The Red Sox lost. A little sad, but I'm not that broken up about it - nobody in their right mind would have thought the Red Sox would sweep, so the fact that we dropped one in Yankee stadium is neither surprising or very discouraging.

2) The Beans lost our season opener to our arch rivals (my boss' team). It was a close, well played game. We tied it up in the top of the last inning and just needed to hold them defensively to get into extra innings. The first batter hit a screaming line drive down the third base line, which I actually dove for and stopped, but since it had bounced, I wasn't able to get up and get the guy out. I felt pretty good about it though because had it gone into the outfield, it surely would have been a double or triple. Plus, I'm a girl who plays in a co-ed league. Nobody expected me to a) dive and b) actually stop the ball. The looks of surprise were reward enough, even if Butler stood safely (and smugly, I might add) on first base.

With two outs and runners on first and second, we were just one out away from sending it to extra innings. My friend Chris comes up to bat and hits another hard ground ball down the third base line - an easier play than the first one I stopped, but still a tough grab...and I missed. It bounced off of my foot as I was stretching for it, rolled into the outfield and scored the winning run. Now I have to listen to Chris gloat for all of eternity. not only was he the big hero, but I had the chance to get him out and blew it. grrrrrr.

That said, I am still exceedingly giddy today.


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