Tuesday, October 14, 2003

A Nice Day Off

I enjoyed my day off. Immensely. I did laundry and went grocery shopping. I bought chocolate caramels at the grocery store, and the most perfect granny smith apples. The Red Sox won. There were no fights, taunting, or throwing 75 year old men to the ground (not that Zimmer was entirely innocent in that whole scruff). Post-game, Beth fed us well - grilled chicken, lavender-salted potatoes, and a salad with pomegranate seeds. As I understand it, that was her version of "not going out her way" or whipping up anything "too fancy." For the record, my version of not fancy: stove top stuffing with frozen mixed vegetables. If I ever have Beth over for dinner, I hope she's not disappointed. Finally, the evening ended with a serenade from the Kriegsman bros. - Ari on guitar, Al on the harmonica. I envy people with musical talent.


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