Wednesday, October 15, 2003

My Wednesday afternoon

My running chronicle of game six, written in real time:

- Since I was stuck in a meeting, I missed the first inning. Came back to my desk to IMs from Yankee fans gloating over Giambi's home run. 1-0 Yankees.

- Top of the second: woo hoo, Varitek home run. This guy has been so good this post-season. Tie game. I let out a shout of delight. I think I scared my colleagues.

- Conference at the mound. Announcer comes on to say, "Red Sox fan, enjoy a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee." Helena and I scream at the announcer for being mean. We want DD. Nothing quite like it in SF. I hear there's a DD in Sacramento.

- Runners on first and second, no outs, Nomar comes up to the plate. Will he deliver? He's been struggling; 0-7 with runners in scoring position. This morning, Laureen passed along something she heard on sports center. Where is Nomar? He's MIA. Hee hee hee. Grrr. He bounces to Jeter. I hate Jeter. At least he didn't turn two.

- Manny comes to the plate. Gets booed by all of Yankee Stadium. Good. Maybe it will light a fire under his ass.

- 2:01ish. Ortiz smashes a 2 run single, score 3-1. Colleagues yelling at me to join them in the conference room since we have a 2:00 pm client call. Damn them. Don't they realize have a game to listen to and a play-by-play to write?

- 3:15 pm return to my desk. 6-4 in the bottom of the fifth. What the hell happened? I check the ESPN play by play. Burkett got shelled in the 4th. I'm sure Pedro sat grinning in the dugout, apparently oblivious to the fact that his team is facing elimination.

- Contreras comes in for the Yankees top of the sixth. Red Sox nation, let us not forget: the term "Evil Empire" originated with this guy.

- Bottom of the sixth: Todd Jones comes into pitch for the Sox. Jones? Are you kidding? It's his first ever post season appearance. Grady Little smokes crack. I just know it. Just to prove my point, right after I type this, he throws a wild pitch and Soriano gets into scoring position.

- Obvious announcer guy reports attendance numbers for the game and then says, "Most are cheering against the Red Sox." He does realize the game is in NY, right? Was he expecting some sort of "Rocky takes on Ivan Draga and wins over icy Russian spectators" scenario where Yankee faithful start yelling "Let's go Red Sox"?

- Embree comes in after Jones walks Jeter. Jeter and Soriano steal on his first pitch. A double steal? Ok, now they're just laughing at us. And our bullpen.

- Heart attack. Williams crushes it towards third. Mueller stops it and barely gets him out at first. This whole listening on the radio thing is tough. The visual is much more dramatic in my head than anything Fox Sports has to offer.

- NOMAR, Ya Bastahd! Woo hoo. Bangs a triple to start the 7th. Matsui makes a bad throw and Nomar scores. Ramirez follows with a double. Holy Crap. I'm dying.

- All Ortiz has to do is put it in play to get Ramirez home and tie it up. C'mon David. This is why you get paid millions of dollars.

- Tie game. I love Ortiz. At least for the moment. He's come up big in clutch situations a couple times in the post season.

- Ortiz on first and Mueller is at bat. In the words of my friend Matt, "The batting champ is batting a buck fifty. He's due." Will he be right? Base hit. I guess Matt was right.

-Nixon comes up to bat. Will the Lord Jesus take care of Nixon's bat, the way he claims it did to beat the A's in extra innings in game 4? Struck out. That must have been plain ole Trot at bat, and not the big J.C.

- Intentionally walk Varitek to load the bases. Damon at bat. Again Matt chimes in with his quick wit: "Does he still think he's Napoleon?" I saw the crash in game 5. I wouldn't blame him if he did. But it doesn't matter because they walk him and the go ahead run scores!

- OK, can't handle this any more. Leaving the office to find the nearest bar playing the game.

- It's 5:38 pm. I've returned to my office. There will be a game 7. I can't believe it. I now have three hours of work to do, since I spent the majority of the afternoon listening to, and writing about, baseball. You know what? It's worth it.

Game on.


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