Friday, October 03, 2003

Kindred Spirit

I had always had a certain affection for ESPN Page 2 Sports writer Bill Simmons. A Boston fan through and through, he captures the angst of following the Sox and the Pats like no other. Evidence: his recent article on the two losses to the As. The article links to another past column where he discusses the 13 levels of losing (another very funny read), but one entry in particular struck a chord:

Level IX: The Sudden Death
Definition: Is there another fan experience quite like overtime hockey, when every slap shot, breakaway and centering pass might spell doom, and losing feels 10 times worse than winning feels good (if that makes sense)? ... there's only one mitigating factor: when OT periods start piling up and you lose the capacity to care anymore; invariably you start rooting for the game to just end, just so you don't suffer a heart attack ... bonus points because one of these happened last night: Colorado's game-winning OT goal against Detroit.

Personal memory: Game 1, Bruins-Oilers, 1990 Stanley Cup Finals, the tail end of my sophomore year in college, when everyone from school trekked down to Cape Cod for seven days of drinking and general mayhem. On this particular night, my buddy Sully and I skipped out of a party to watch the third period at a Hyannis bar.

The interesting part (for me, anyway. probably not for anyone else): "trekking down to Cape Cod" sounded a lot like Holy Cross' Cape Week festivities, so I did a quick search and turns out Simmons was class of '92. While I left the college on the hill after two years, I still feel some connection to the crazy ole Jesuits.


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