Thursday, October 09, 2003

Communication Issues

I've been having a few communication challenges with a bunch of different people the past few days (I suppose that's not a good sign for someone who works in public relations).

Last night, I had reached a stalemate during a serious discussion with someone I normally communicate very, very well with. I told her that I felt like I was staring at the picture of the old woman/young girl, where depending on how you look at it, you see either a young, beautiful woman or an old, wrinkly woman, and the harder you try to see the other, the harder it becomes. And the two of us definitely were not seeing the same thing, which isn't to say we didn't desperately want to understand where the other was coming from. In fact, it was her willingness and earnestness in trying to see my perspective that made it even more frustrating that I couldn't articulate what I was trying to say.

I got into work today and more of the same. A person was telling me something that made absolutely no sense to me, but perfect sense to her, and the harder I tried to figure it out the more frustrated I got - and when I get frustrated, I totally shut down and become completely introverted and short-tempered.

Later, while on an important call, *more* communication issues with four people on four different pages. I didn't hide my frustration well, which is not good in a business setting.

I decided to look at the picture I had made reference to last night. Oddly enough, whenever I've seen this picture in the past, I always saw the old woman first. This morning, as the page opened, I immediately saw the young girl. The more I tried to see the flip side, the more fixated I became on the image of the girl. Of course, the trick is to just let your eyes relax. I think that to get through the day, I'm going to have to remember that approach (figuratively, of course), and take a friend's advice: remember that all of the work stuff "aint worth ruining a post-Sox win buzz, which I imagine you've still got going on." She's right.


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