Saturday, October 18, 2003

action verbs

completed: an evening out. drinks at zeitgeist and the phoenix.
reading: Tandia, a very depressing, but well written book by bryce courtenay, author of my favorite book, the power of one
watching: nothing. we don't have cable, and the few stations we do get via antenna are crap.
thinking: that I'm incapable of typing much. a little sad. it could be the book. it could be something else. I don't know.
appreciating: the stuffed guitar mat just tossed onto my bed. he's a good roommate, and he makes me smile when I least expect it.
discovering: how to send text messages via the wireless web on my phone. neato. I'm only three years behind the times.
feeling: like it's time for bed, even though it's only 11:44.
dreaming: I don't know. i'll let you know tomorrow, if I remember.


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