Monday, September 08, 2003

Weekend Update

Enjoyed a fairly relaxed weekend, which is a nice change considering the past few weeks have been spent entertaining guests or partying in LA.

Friday: Enjoyed a very special dinner that despite including tofu and peanut sauce, was amazing. I then barhopped my way across the Mission with Kathleen, Willo, Mat and friends. The first stop was at Zeitgeist where I realized just how much I hate Hoegaarden, I ran into a boy I went to college with who's been living in the city for the past two weeks and is about to start med school, and I bumped into Kristen unexpectedly.

After a pitcher of the dreaded Hoegaarden, we headed to Casanova Lounge, The Phoenix (where we ran into Hillary and Ev), the LAC (where we decided not to stay) and finally home, though the rest of the group continued on to several other bars (The Argus Lounge and El Rio, I believe). One thing about the Mission: there's no shortage of good bars to frequent on a Friday night.

Saturday was very low key - stayed at home with Jane and Kathleen and finally saw Waiting for Guffman. I like Christopher Guest, but I don't think I'm as diehard a fan as most. I do, however, adore Parker Posey in his films.

Sunday, I had the unfortunate displeasure of watching the Patriots get slaughtered - by the Bills no less. The Bills have the worst opening season record in all of the NFL, yet somehow, they managed to shut out the Patriots, who are coming off a 4-0 pre-season. I hope it was just a temporary glitch. To add insult to injury, the Sox also lost to the Yankees (which of course was the first thing out of Ashley's mouth when she arrived at our house Sunday night for the unbelievable BBQ Jane threw in honor of her mom's visit). Bill Simmons wrote a pretty accurate account of my Sunday.


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