Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Senator Kerry makes it official

I read today in the NYT that Senator Kerry officially announced that he was running for President.

While I haven't come anywhere close to deciding which Democrat I'll be backing, I do have a soft spot for Kerry based solely on the fact that I once broke into his house. Yep, that's me...the criminal.

Turns out, Senator Kerry is an avid windsurfer, and back in my days as a windsurfing instructor, Kerry used to rent gear from us (he has a beautiful house on Jetties Beach, Nantucket). One day my boss told me and my co-worker to boat over and pick up a rig from his front yard, but when we got there, we noticed it wasn't where we thought it would be. We knocked on the door, rang the bell, tapped on windows, but nobody answered. When my colleague noticed the rig through a basement window, we just walked right in (it was unlocked, so I suppose it wasn't technically "breaking" and entering). We of course called as soon as we got back to the windsurfing stand to let him know that it was us who grabbed the very expensive windsurfer out of his basement.

That's why I love Nantucket...not even high profile folks like Senator Kerry feel the need to lock their doors. I would consider moving back there someday...maybe.

My friend Paul and I also keep talking about going windsurfing, as it's been about 7 years since the last time I did it, but it's been such a whirlwind summer, it's been hard to find the time. Perhaps next weekend.


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