Sunday, September 21, 2003

Movie Saturday

Watched two excellent movies yesterday; great for entirely different reasons. (Yes, it's sad that I watched two movies on what was perhaps the loveliest day in San Francisco, but every once in awhile, it's nice to have a completely lazy day)

Under the light, hilarious, fun category: Party Girl starring Ms. Parker Posey as the early-20s Manahattanite struggling with a complete lack of direction. A little quirky cult classic definitely worth seeing on a lazy Saturday morning.

On the heavier side, All the Real Girls is a love story with a very appropriate title, as this movie felt more real than most in the same genre. Basic plot: young sheltered girl and town playboy fall in love (girl is also the little sister of playboy's best friend). It's slow and tempered, beautifully written and shot, reflective and sincere. Jane and Willo saw it a few weeks ago, and while they both loved it, they wished the ending had been different. I don't know - I think the ending is one of the reasons it felt so real (obviously can't go into reasons without giving too much away). I have this habit of watching movies, and then when it's over, trying to imagine ten years down the road where the characters would be. For example, when I saw Armageddon, I thought, do you know how many Harry Stamper High Schools would start popping up all over the country? How would Ben and Liv fair as a married couple in the fallout of something as intense as saving the world from a giant asteroid? But I digress. For this movie, I couldn't do that - it's too open ended. Too unresolved. Too weighted down by the moments leading up to the ending, but still very much imbued with possibility. I sat in my living room in near darkness for a good forty minutes after the movie ended tossing over the history of my own relationships (romantic and otherwise) before I realized that's not a good thing to do right before going out to meet friends for drinks. Then I turned on the television and the Miss America pageant was on with the mousy looking kid from American Idol singing his "number one best selling single of the year." I started laughing uncontrollably and then felt much better.

Sidenote: Paul Schneider is cast as the male lead in All the Real Girls and at various points throughout the movie, you would swear you were looking at a young Dennis Quaid. It borders on eerie.


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