Friday, September 05, 2003

Financial depression and elation

I just parted ways with a significant portion of money, which has sent me into a bit of a panic attack, particularly as we approach to oh-so-expensive holiday season (trips back home, gifts, etc). The good news is that the end result will be an amazing trip to a Costa Rican surf camp with Jee. I secretly long to be in Blue Crush 8 (Actually, it's not so secret. I tell everyone I know how much I want to be a bad ass surfer chick. I figure by the time they make Blue Crush 2-7, my skills will be up to par). Jee's a way better surfer than I am (and I haven't been since Memorial Day weekend), so I need to get some practice in between now and then.

On other fronts, as lots of folks have posted about, that earthquake yesterday scared the bejeezus out of me. It sounded like a truck ran into our quiet little house. There was one earthquake that shook the east coast just prior to my move to San Francisco a year and half ago, but ironically, I was out here apartment hunting that day.


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