Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Some guy berated me for (among other things) writing "I do, however, adore Parker Posey in his films" in the post entitled "Weekend Update" included below. His diatribe included the phrase, "I wasn't aware Parker Posey has [sic] a sex change."

For the record, yes, I realize Parker Posey is in fact a woman. The entry in context read: "...finally saw Waiting for Guffman. I like Christopher Guest, but I don't think I'm as diehard a fan as most. I do, however, adore Parker Posey in his films."

The "his" in this case was intended to modify the films of Christopher Guest. Last I heard, Mr. Guest was in fact a male, though he is quite the master of disguise. If I'm wrong, his wife Jamie Lee Curtis is in for a big shock. Or maybe not. Regardless, I apologize if there was any confusion and will consider using alternative grammatical constructs in the future to avoid any possible misinterpretation.


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