Monday, September 15, 2003

A California weekend

Highlight of my weekend: Sitting outside on my patio drinking a glass of wine while Kathleen read my town newspaper (laughing hysterically at the provinciality of growing up on Nantucket) and Mat played banjo... sounds rather dull, but it was actually quite perfect.

Went to The Public on Friday to help celebrate Jee's birthday. Surprisingly, the Public has a great bar to accommodate a fairly large crowd. Not a huge SoMa fan, but proximity to Slim's makes it a pretty good spot for pre-show dinner. A few good shows coming to Slim's in October, most notably Matt Nathonson and Howie Day.

Saturday went with Jee to the NorCal Women's Surf Fest. Enjoyed the thoroughly amazing weather as a hundred surfers (men and women) ripped it up. They had a great turnout, especially considering it was the first time the event was held.

Sunday I finally finished The Russian Debutante's Handbook while sitting at Dolores Park Cafe. Despite my early enthusiasm, I wasn't a huge fan of Handbook. I think it got a little lost towards the end and too wrapped up in the whole Russian mafiosa thread. Still, it was original and often times so funny I found myself chuckling out loud.


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