Thursday, September 04, 2003

Beans Hot Streak

Last night the Beans upset an undefeated team to extend our winning streak to two. Returning to the Final, Final for a post-game celebration, we saw all the usual folks and imbibed what some may consider a few too many beers.

This morning, I was telling one of my team members how a fellow Final, Final patron decided that after drinking copious amounts of beer, it would be a good idea to ride her bike around her loft (no, it wasn't me - I don't live in a loft or own a bike, though I'm working on the latter). A general rule of thumb: bikes + alcohol = not a good combination. She fell, hit her counter, and bruised a rib. After recounting the story to Dave, he IMed me the phrase "ROFL," which I quickly interpreted (correctly, though I had never seen it used before) as "Rolling around on the floor laughing" - IMHO, I think it's funny how IM has spurred a generation of people who think in acronyms.

Next week is our last regular season game before the playoffs. We play my boss' team. The folks here at Greenough have been looking forward to this for months. We will be playing sans our star pitcher, who doubles as one of our best hitters, but either way, it should be entertaining.


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