Thursday, August 21, 2003


I am constantly teased about how I've managed not to patronize some of the most famous SF establishments... classic burrito spots, restaurants, bars, stores, etc.

I've recently been informed that there's a legit pirate store right around the corner from my house. Yes, that's right, a pirate store. It's part of the 826 Valencia writing center, and describes itself as "San Francisco’s only independent pirate supply store. We offer a variety of goods, including lard, flags, eye patches, mops, glass eyes and the like. All proceeds from the store go toward the writing center resting directly behind it." I say, if you need pirate supplies, might as well support a writing center while you're doing it.

This city has so many little gems.

*Update from Jane: the whole reason there is a pirate store is that the space they wanted was zoned retail and no amount of appeal would change that, so they had to put a store in front of the writing center to get the space legal.

Jane is a bastion of knowledge.


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