Monday, August 11, 2003

Midday birthday report

So, I usually feel like birthdays are a let down, but so far it's been a great (few) day(s). Topping the reasons:

1. Friday I got a great present from my Belfast buddy Michael - a Stereophonics CD that's in fact very good for those moments you're in the mood for a little Brit Pop. As Michael proved while begging for dollars to put in the juke box at the Irish Bank during his last visit, he has excellent taste in music, marred on occassional by a really bad choice he feels compelled to put in there out of some absurd allegiance to British music. (FTQ, Michael, FTQ)

2. I actually slept this weekend. A lot. I feel almost rested for the first time in months.

3. Jane and I watched a really bad movie starring Demi Moore pre-St. Elmo's Fire. I think it was called Choices. Click on the link. You'll definitely laugh. I maintain that it was the best $4 Jane has ever spent. Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever a totally entertaining kind of way. The sound track was bitchin'.

4. I got emails, e-cards, phone calls and birthday well wishes from a whole bunch of people I've known and loved most of my life, as well as from a bunch of people I've just met.

5. My boss and my co-workers got me flowers and an amazingly sweet cake.

6. The woman at Specialty's, who is normally cranky and mean, gave me a free cookie after my colleague told her it was my birthday.


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