Tuesday, August 05, 2003

"I love XML"

(Ok, so I don't really love XML, but I do like beer)...

But for all you tech geeks, wanted to point you to Laszlo Systems and some people that are doing some interesting stuff with rich Internet apps.

Sarah Allen talks about one of her Laszlo projects, and also points people to MyLaszlo where people are showcasing some of their ideas. Sarah is working in tandem with Marc Canter on a project called the Laszlo Blogging Widget. That should be cool.

*disclaimer: As I've mentioned before, I do work with Laszlo Systems, so this is a little bit of shameless self-interested promotion, but I wouldn't write about it here unless I really thought it was pretty cool. Plus, everytime you developer folk ask me questions about them, I never feel like I have satisfactory answers (at least not on the deep tech level that you're used to). Maybe these links will help.


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