Saturday, August 09, 2003

a good 24 hours

I got the birthday weekend started off right last night with happy hour drinks at Zeitgeist with Willo, who introduced me to a slew of new people. I discovered for the first time that her friend Stig is a member of a local theater group out here, and he's going to do what he can to get me involved, which is great because I haven't worked on a show since I lived in Boston. Met a bunch of new guys all named Matt (and one Scott), as well as an amazing girl who's the marketing manager/columnist for Yoga Journal. I love the fact that I every time you step outside in this city, you meet creative, thoughtful, wonderful people.

Tonight, we celebrate Kevin's birthday. Kevin, a book reviewer for the Chronicle who recently got a book deal of his own, is the guy responsible for the Lit at Canvas series, among other things. His girlfriend Suzan, I once described as "a truly lovely person," and then cringed because it sounded like something a grandmother would say.


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