Thursday, August 28, 2003

Beans Snap Losing Streak - credit pre-game drinking

Entering into last night's game 0-3, the Beans were a little less than confident. With nothing to lose and a 9:00 pm start time, we figured we might as well swing by the Final, Final before the game for a quick beer (or three). The new strategy seems to have paid off, as the team was relaxed and back to the Beans of yore. We won 11-6 with a last inning rally that would not be interrupted, even when the lights turned off for the evening. I hit the ball the best I've hit all season, and even managed to make a couple plays in the field (I play third). Dave hit a ball the furthest I've ever seen a softball fly. He was rounding third by the time the center fielder even chased it down. Of course, to celebrate the win, we returned to the Final, Final for one quick beer (aka: many, many beers, some Jameson's shots, and even an Irish Car Bomb). Today will be a long day. I was energetic this morning; now I am fading quickly.


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