Thursday, August 07, 2003

Almost that time of year...

Perhaps due to the fact that growing up my best friends in the world were the boys in neighborhood, or maybe even it was the privileged status of being the only girl allowed to claim a spot on the couch on game days, but I love Patriots football. The boys and I used to sit in front of John's tv cheering the team while his mom made an assortment of food only growing boys could ingest (hot dogs smothered in mayo - even I wasn't that hard core).

We cheered for Doug Flutie, Drew Bledsoe, and slew of forgettables in the interim years. Most of us had gone our separate ways by the time Brady started taking snaps, but since my friend TJ and I were roommates at the time, we followed up each explosive win with a call down to DC to chat with John. When the Patriots won the Super Bowl two years ago, we went cheering through the snow-covered streets of Boston (ok, so it was Somerville, but close enough).

Why all this reminiscing today? Well, things got off to a good start for the Pats, as they beat the Giants 26-6.

I'm still debating trying to catch a game when they come to Oakland, but I'm a little afraid of Raiders fans, particularly in light of the past few match-ups.


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