Sunday, July 27, 2003

why I miss college...

having Luke here the past two nights has made me realize just how much I miss the people I went to college with. Here's a story he told (one I hadn't heard, even though we were good friends when it happened). Keep in mind, this story isn't that far out of the ordinary for my boys...

The scene: a bunch of guys out at a bar, boys notice Suzanne, a friend of theirs from school, sitting at a table with a group of people celebrating a birthday. Among the guests is Jeremy Miller, known to most of us as Ben Seaver of Growing Pains fame. A few beers into the night, one of them pulls Jeremy Miller over and buys him a beer, exchanging pleasantries and making conversation. The boys part ways, one of them heads to the bar for a drink, one to the bathroom, etc. Suddenly, one of the boys approaches Luke and says "Let's get out of the bar *right now*"

ER: Um, I have his wallet
LS: What do you mean? Who's wallet
Upon opening the wallet, the blue eyed face we all grew up with stares back at the two drunk assholes from behind it's plastic case.
LS: You stole Jeremy Miller's wallet?
ER: Yes, let's go buy stuff. We have his credit cards.

Following a trip to the 7-11 where they purchase $50 worth of junk food, signing Jeremy's name to a credit card slip, they start to actually sober up, grow a conscience and realize what a jackass thing they've just done. The next day, Luke approaches Suzanne, basically admits that his friend is a total ass and lifted Jeremy's wallet and would she please give it back to him (plus the money for the food that was charged to his credit card) with his utmost apologizes. After a bit of a lecture and a lot of scolding, she agrees... no harm, no foul. Jeremy is very nice about the whole thing. Oddly enough, the girl who berated Luke for his childish antics, found herself in a little bit of hot water herself recently.

good times, good times.


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