Sunday, July 13, 2003

Weekend update

Friday night, Jud, Derek and I had dinner at Helena's new apartment. She made chicken and mushroom risotto. mmmm. Then went to the Final, Final, where 2 things happened: 1st, I had to overcome temptation not to punch two marina girls in the face for their refusal to move their overly-priced jackets off the pool table. I hate the Marina, but I suppose I should have been expecting it. 2nd, I ran into my roommate's friend who I've met a couple of times who didn't recognize me at all. The only reason that's funny is that the night before, he was sitting in my kitchen with me discussing how he never recognizes people out of context. It's true - even after I said "well, you were in my house last night eating ice cream with my roommate," it still took him a good five minutes to figure out that I was Jane's roommate. I wonder how many houses he was in eating ice cream on Thursday? At least I was pre-warned, so I didn't take it personally.

Yesterday, got a new haircut, went to BBQ at Matt (two t's) and Gavin's, followed by a party at Mat's (one t). Finally met his girlfriend, who's a sweetheart and though it took a little while, the two of us finally managed to turn the living room into a dance party - with a little help from my friend JB who was in town only for the night as a crew member on the Warped Tour. He hopped on the bus this morning at 3:00 am, heading to Sacramento. Found out last night that he's going to start touring with Guster soon, one of my favorite bands. I'm jealous.

Sunday's tasks: clean house, do laundry and finish Bee Season while sitting in sunny back patio. At least one of those will get done.


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