Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Misc. Ramblings

I was stuck on the train today for almost an hour, so I had a lot of time to come up with some random thoughts, including a list of things I want to get done in the next week:

1. Surfing- actual and appreciative: Since I really want to go surfing this weekend and have no means of transporting a 9' long board from point a to point b, I joined the sfbaysurfers yahoo group mailing list. Also, I am encouraged by the fact that Jane and Jee took lessons last week, as it's much more fun to surf with people around the same skill level vs. folks who have been doing it for years.

On the surfing-appreciation note, I still haven't made it to 111 Minna for the Surf Style Exhibition, but that's going to be around until 8/23, so I'm sure I'll get there eventually. On a similar note, Red Vic is having surf night August 7th. As Red Vic describes:

Steering clear of the Blue Crush phenomenon, [Aqua Surf Shop and WAVEFEST] will present one of the best "real" surf films of today, and supplement it with a Bay-Area made short surf film.

Sounds intriguing, though I don't think I like their tone re: Blue Crush, one of the more frequently viewed movies in my "hangover movie" collection.

2. Bluegrass: I'm biting the bullet. An old boyfriend loved bluegrass. My musically inclined friends like bluegrass. Never an enthusiast myself, I do appreciate opening new doors into different musical genres, and I did have a great time at the last bluegrass concert I went to (Yonder Mountain String Band), so this Thursday night at the Boom Boom Room: Hot Buttered Rum. Tickets are only $5. I don't know much about bluegrass bands, but according to some friends I play softball with, this is a show I don't want to miss.

3. Books: And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You is a tad on the terrible side. I read a bit every day, waiting for it to get better, but it just doesn't. My biggest problem is with the dialogue, which is annoying and hokey. Granted, it is about a country singer's rise to fame, so I should be prepared for a little southern bell twang and "he broke my heart, so I jumped in my pickup and sang the blues." Still, the fluffiness of the book is a welcome diversion from the more serious reads of late.

4. Digital Music: Stuck on the train that would not move, I read this morning in Rolling Stone that some artists are pulling out of deals with iTunes because they don't want to offer singles, preferring instead to offer whole albums. An advocate for digital music myself, I do they think they have a point. After all, how many times have you bought a CD for one particular song, only to discover a few weeks later a song that you've never heard but that rocks your world? This is one reason that I like subscription radio services because a) you get exposed to a wide range of an artist's offerings and b) some, like MusicMatch's Artist on Demand, have a "Play this and similar artists" option, so every once in a while you discover someone new altogether.


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