Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Lit at Canvas (and elsewhere)

Last night the girls of Greenough celebrated our latest victory with drinks at 15 Romolo, a cute little bar tucked away in an alley with a nice Irish bartender named Roy.

Four drinks later, I showed up (very late) to Kevin Smokler's Lit at Canvas series. Though I missed the majority of the readings, I managed to get there just in time to hear Jack Boulware read his essay on PR flacks. After the reading, I went over to introduce myself: "Hi, I'm Sarah, I work in PR." We had a nice little chuckle and he was very nice.

After Lit at Canvas, went to Mat's to watch Dead Man, a black and white western starring Johnny Depp. I made it about ten minutes into the movie before falling asleep on the couch and deciding it was time to go home. A shame, because the first ten minutes (after Mat figured out how to operate the sound on his 1970s tv) were promising.


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