Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Jane the Librarian

If you read Jane's post yesterday, you know that I often rely on her to provide me with a never-ending stream of good reads (I would reciprocate, but I opted not to lug crates of books across country with me, so instead I just stacked them all in my parents' house for that time when I actually settle permanently somewhere). Anyway, the streak continues - I started Bee Season this morning on the train ride into work. I have high expectations, as the guy sitting next to me noticed what I was reading and had nothing but glowing feedback.

Side note, I work with a library automation company, so if Jane's career as a director of an independent library comes to fruition, I can always try to hook her up with some sophisticated cataloging solutions. Then again, Kristin, who's also referred to Jane's post, works for our competitor (gasp!). I see a rumble in the future...


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