Thursday, July 31, 2003

have a nice weekend

I'm getting on a plane for the east coast. Joe's best girl friend from high school is getting married. I'm ecstatic for her.

In other news:

- Mat is the new roommate; Helen has finally agreed to move out. Glad that headache is over.

- GFOWs (girl friends of Willo) met for drinks last night at Latin American Club. Poor Mat - he joined us when we were all three sheets to the wind to discuss the housing situation. No man should be privy to the types of conversations he heard.

- Pear cider is yummy.

- I may have been somewhat misleading in the "friendster bandwagon" post. Yes, it was Macey's encouragement that made me try to sign up the first three times. The thing that finally gave me the boost I needed to put up with the Friendster server long enough to complete the registration process, however, was the fact that from the other room Jane yelled, "Sarah, check out the cute boy with the Jew-fro." She knows I'm a softie when it comes to Jewish boys.

- If my interest was only "mild curiosity" before, listening to Kat and Willo discuss the merits of Friendster has made me a full blown convert. Granted, that information will probably torpedo my career as I spend hours and hours searching my "personal network" of thousands and thousands of people.


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