Friday, July 18, 2003

Forbidden Ruins

so turns out that Ruins is a bit more popular than Mat anticipated, since the show was sold out an hour before it even started. The Hemlock rarely even sells advance tickets, and when they do, you still have to physically go to the bar to order them (no online or phone purchases), so we were quite shocked to find out that there were no tickets left. I guess San Francisco is a prime market for hard-core, progressive Asian rockers who sing in a made up language.

Never one to let a Thursday night go to waste, we headed over to Bottom of the Hill to see The Exploding Hearts. It was fun, though they kind of struck me as a parody of a band instead of the real deal. One guitarist was wearing a Ramones t-shirt, the lead singer was under the illusion that he was a British rocker, the other guitarist had a pink leopard skin jacket and kind of looked like Keith Richards, and the drummer looked like the kind of guy everyone ignored in high school and then found his niche as a bad-ass drummer. They played a song called "Sniffing Glue" and I doubled over laughing because they were obviously taking themselves very seriously. There the type of band you would expect to see on a guest spot of "My So Called Life" or something to that effect, where teenage melodrama was played out in the foreground, while the Billy Idol wanna-be jumped around the stage in the background singing at overloaded decibels.

Before the concert, we had dinner at the Lingba Lounge (Part of Thanya & Salee, a thai restaurant in Potrero Hill), and it was amazing - we had spring rolls, dancing prawns (so good) and some sort of curry dish. I'm normally not a thai food fan thanks to a complete distaste for peanut sauce, but this was one of the best meals I've had in a long time. Only complaint, the bartenders were a little slow and distracted (we ate dinner sitting at the bar since the place was packed). Perhaps they were less than attentive because every time I looked they were doing shots at the end of the bar. All in all, though, great atmosphere, fun dj, and amazing food. Would definitely recommend it to those looking to dine in Potrero Hill. I always forget how cute the main drag of Potrero Hill is. I should spend more time there.


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