Tuesday, July 15, 2003


I've had tickets for the Counting Crows concert last night at Concord pavilion for weeks and weeks now. I knew John Mayer was opening, but I figured we would get there a little late and I wouldn't be subjected too much to his annoying, nonsensical ramblings and his cheesy pop music repertoire, but no - the Counting Crows were not headlining; John Mayer won those honors. How, I'm not exactly sure. grrrrr.

So Jud and I arrived a little late - missed the first opening band, Maroon Five (who, incidentally opened for Guster the last time I saw them at the Warfield). Counting Crows came on and played for an hour, skipping over most of my favorites in favor of that annoying remake of "Yellow Taxi" and other songs that were over exposed on Clear Channel radio stations back in the day. They did play "Good Night Elizabeth" and "Long December," which was great, but on the whole, their performance was subdued and not that engaging. They played mostly acoustic, which in a setting like the Warfield or Fillmore would be ideal, but in the arena it fell a little flat.

And then I was subjected to John Mayer. He sucks, and irritates the hell out of me. booo.


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