Tuesday, July 01, 2003

daily insights

so here are the things I've learned today (not so much that I didn't already know them, but rather, today I became acutely aware of the reality of certain lifelong assertions and platitudes)...

1. asking for help is hard. it's a step that should be recognized and rewarded. it takes guts, and when it comes from someone you don't expect, sometimes you might just overlook it.

2. granting help is hard too, particularly when you've tried to help in the past and failed.

3. if someone isn't ready to help or receive help, you have to forgive that. they have their reasons, and your job is to love them anyway.

4. few things hold more truth than the conversation among loved ones, particularly after a few martinis.

5. some people just surprise the heck out of you. people that you thought would become one thing, end up becoming something else altogether. who would have thought?

today was a good day, and one I will do my best to remember, as it taught me a lot about who I am and who I want to be.

Smoke and Ashes will return to its regularly scheduled regimen of book, movie, and music reviews as soon as I return to Sf. Until then, apologize for the private ramblings of a girl who's just starting to see the bigger picture. By the way, anyone besides jane see Charlie's Angels Two: Full Throttle? If so, I'm jealous. Nantucket, in its "quaint" little way, only shows one movie at a time. This week's pick: Terminator 3. Oy vay.


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