Wednesday, July 02, 2003

books, drinks, salads and Jeeps

books: I'm reading Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. Jane gave it to me about two weeks ago, and I've just been so crazy lately it's taken that long to get through what is ultimately an engrossing and quick read (hyperlinks to relevant people/references to come later. I'm Mac-retarded and everything looks different, so I'm not going to bother). I'm about thirty pages from finishing...a task which would be made easier if my niece wasn't so precocious that she felt the need to read over my shoulder and keep tabs on what page I'm on every fifteen seconds. She's so damn smart, i wouldn't mind her reading over my shoulder, but certain references throughout the book are not appropriate for young readers, and she's only 7. that aside, this is my first experience with Tom Robbins (I know, I'm late to the game) and I'm hooked. Jitterbug Perfume is entertaining, but more importantly thought-provoking. it tackles universal themes like the quest for immortality, individuality, and sexuality (and I'm sure a bunch of other "ity's" that I'm just too tired to come up with right now). I think I like it most because it's smart without being overly academic. I can't wait to read more. anyone have suggestions for what I should tackle next? Email at smokeandashes_blog [at]

drinks: had drinks with an old high school friend, discussed everything - job, family, romance, etc - the way friends who have known each other since birth do. She said it sounded like I had my shit together and that I have a really healthy outlook on life. that made me laugh. I am, after all, a public relations professional, in the business of finding the right words to shape the way people think or perceive certain things. most of the time, i feel put together and focused, but if she only knew about the other times... (perhaps she does. she has known me since birth)

salad: I had dinner at my sister's house. I made a tomato and mozzerella salad, which is my favorite. I then watched my niece clear the table. I was in the hospital room when she was born, and now she's old enough to do the dishes. Jane constantly reminds me about how young I am. Being home, i feel old.

jeeps: Ever since my first serious boyfriend used to drive me to school in a CJ-7, i've wanted a jeep. My sister now drives a Wrangler, and she's been nice enough to give me free reign with it this week. I've liked living in san francisco sans car the past year, but when the time is right, it's going to be a jeep.


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