Thursday, July 17, 2003

Birthday treat

Jane's friend Ashley came to the house for dinner last night, and she's a chick that knows sports, especially baseball. As a native New Yorker, Ashley and I had differing opinions on a number of points (mostly in regard to Derek Jeter), but the conversation reminded me to check the upcoming A's schedule because I know the Sox are in town in early August. Well, wouldn't you know it - they get here on my birthday and play through Thursday, Aug. 14. What a treat! I've been looking forward to this series since opening day. Since baseball season basically ends for Red Sox fans after the All Star break when things invariably take a dramatic turn for the worst, this is one thing I can definitely get excited about.

For all of her misplaced loyalty towards the Yankees, Ashley and I were able to agree on a number of things: Nomar is great, and Pedro, despite all of his talent, is a big, whiny wanker. Also, the A's Barry Zito is one of the foxiest players in baseball.


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