Sunday, June 22, 2003

Yellow Circles and Two Buck Chuck

This weekend was the much anticipated housewarming party, where Jane, Helen and I got to show off the new paint job. Saturday was a little hectic as Jane put the finishing touches on the living room walls (two giant pale yellow half circles that were met with much critical acclaim), we went to four different grocery stores (well, three but we hit up Trader Joe's twice), and we loaded in some new furniture, including a great chair that we bought at a yard sale for $5 and a bookcase for $7. Pictures to be posted tomorrow. After all was said and done, we went through about 10 bottles of Two Buck Chuck, another 10-15 bottles of wine that our guests brought with them, a quarter keg of Full Sail, at least 48 bottles of random other beer, and four bottles of liquor. As per usual with this crowd, the diehards held on until sunrise and after a three hour nap, we all hit up Boogaloos for brunch. I need a nap as Jane, Chris and I are heading to the Fillmore tonight to catch And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead.


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