Sunday, June 15, 2003

Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman played at the Fillmore last night, and it was amazing. I've always loved her rich, soulful ballads (The Promise, Baby Can I Hold You), but I came away from the concert last night with a new appreciation for her hey-this-song-doesn't-make-me-want-to-jump-in-front-of-a-bus series of songs. "Baby Can I Hold You" was still the highlight for me, and she's exactly the type of artist you play when you're super mellow/psychotically depressed, but it was nice to see the other side. She did a kick-ass country-rock version of "Give Me One Reason," which was much better than the recorded version that was overplayed on radio stations throughout America. She also played a couple of songs from her most recent album Let it Rain, which were all very solid, in particular the title track. Oh, and great poster. I love the Fillmore. [Sidenote: she did not play "Smoke and Ashes"] She didn't say much on stage, but what she did chime in with was intelligent and witty. For anyone who happened to be at last summer's John Mayer concert at the Greek Theater (I went to see Guster, one of my all time favorites) - Tracy Chapman is the opposite of that. If he wasn't annoying before - which he was - seeing him on stage certainly sealed the deal.


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