Monday, June 16, 2003

Total Lack of Discretion

This is the post where I sound like a cranky old woman: I went to the free concert in Golden Gate Park yesterday where Macy Gray was performing (preceded by the thoroughly annoying Six Pence None the Richer). Given that this was a free, all-ages, family-friendly event, I was thoroughly appalled at Macy Gray's lack of tact and discretion, dropping f-bombs and sexual references left and right. I don't mean in her songs (which were strewn with references to murdering her father's mistress), but rather, the sexually-explicit verbal diatribes in between songs. Eeeew. Bad Macy, bad. On the upside, spending a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon in the park with friends isn't all that bad -- that is of course, if you can look past the ridiculous crowds, the commercialism of a radio sponsored events, Six Pence's sticky sweet music, and Macy Gray's now infamous speech on how a certain part of the male genitalia is the greatest gift on earth.


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