Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Finishing Touches and Scotland, Pa

Jane's a rock star. She helped me put the finishing touches on the site so that all these fancy pictures now actually link to places (disclaimer: by "help" I mean that she did it for me. Some day I'll learn and then I'll be a truly autonomous blogger. Until then, it's great to have Jane as a roommate).

We also spent the evening watching Scotland, Pa:

Once again, Shakespeare is afforded a cinematic, contemporary rendering in 'Scotland, Pa.' written for the screen and directed by Billy Morrissette, an updated version of the tragedy, `Macbeth,' which here becomes a black comedy of tragic proportions...

Be advised, this one is a 'black comedy' in every sense of the definition, and actually comes in on the absolute 'darkest' end of the spectrum. There's no getting around it, 'Macbeth' is a depressing story to begin with, and this version decidedly captures the spirit of the play that inspired it.

Although a bit on the long side, its definitely worth seeing, hysterically funny at points, and well acted. Maura Tierney plays Mrs. McBeth, and it's nice to finally see her in a big screen role that suits her. Was anyone else unfortunate enough to see Forces of Nature? Ugh. Andy Dick also stars as one of the three hippies (aka witches) and Christopher Walken as McDuff.


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