Friday, June 27, 2003

Adventures in pop music, sweet pixie sticks, and longing for Michelob Light (in a can)

As I mentioned yesterday, Doug, Willo, Willo's friend Michelle and I hit up Train at the Warfield. Although I didn't have super high expectations, I had an amazing time for a slew of reasons:

1) Turns out, I know a lot more Train songs than I thought. More impressively, Train lead singer Patrick Monahan* does a kick ass cover of Ramble On. Who would have thought the same voice that sings "Drops of Jupiter" could pull off Robert Plant with such flare? Plus, there's one song off of their new album that's very David Gray-ish that I liked a lot. Of course, I don't remember the name of it. I told Doug that was his job.
*shows how much I know. I had originally posted that Rob Hotchkiss was the lead singer. Alas, my Train trivia is inadequate.

2) The best thing about Willo (and Doug to a degree equal in sincerity, if more muted in expression) is that they love things unselfconsciously. Even if I'm not the biggest Train fan, their enthusiasm and excitement was just so obvious you couldn't help but have a good time. Those types of people are always good to have around, which is why I like them so much after knowing them for only a short period of time.

3) My theory of exponential growth in San Francisco rings true again: unlike in other cities I've lived in where people remain semi-isolated in their groups of friends, I feel like everytime I meet one person here, that person will introduce you to ten more great, genuine people. Maybe that's why all of the social software programs like Friendster are so popular out here? Willo's friend Michelle, who I met first at our house warming party, is an East Coaster in the best sense of the words - a no bullshit, tell it like it is type person, with just the right amount of West Coast, easy-going mentality built in. She's direct and funny, two qualities that helped her score two pixie sticks off of the security guard trying to rush us out the door after the concert. I haven't had a pixie stick since I was 12, but what a great invention: straws of pure sugar. Add to that a slurpee (not an icee like you get in movie theaters) and a bag of peanut M&M's, and a sugar high Michelle will definitely keep you entertained.

4. The night concluded in a way reminiscent of high school, with the four of us sitting in Michelle's car parked in a garage jamming out to her "bad love" mix CD, complete with the most bitter of the bitter love songs. Singing Paul Simon, Madonna, Queen, and yes, even a little Loretta Lynn. Poor Doug. He actually summed the evening up best when he said, "The only that's missing is a six pack of Michelob cans."


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